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On November 22, 1963, Life Magazine’s LA bureau chief Richard Stolley, learned via teletype that President John F. Kennedy had been shot.

Racing to the scene in Dallas, he accomplished what is now considered one of the most significant journalistic coups of the 20th century, purchasing the right to reprint stills from footage of the assassination filmed by Abraham Zapruder.

This film tells his dramatic story.

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 ”Zapruder and Strolley is utterly engaging.”
 —Tom Brokaw

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“Dick Stolley is a national treasure, and his ability to calmly, clearly tell the story of one of America’s saddest days is truly remarkable. This documentary is devoid of the usual bells and whistles. It’s just unbelievably powerful, old-school storytelling. And what a story it is.”

—John Huey, editor-in-chief, Time Inc.


Producer, Director
Roger Sherman 

Anna Jacobson

Produced in Association with
The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealery Plaza